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The U.S. system for Real Estate data exchange is called IDX/RETS/MLS. This system has a XML base, but on top of that it uses a standard RETS Class that converts the XML feed to data objects. As the result it is one step ahead of XML feed. Currently RPL supports this type of data exchange because of the clients' demands.

In addition, RPL is capable of receiving XML Feeds from the third party websites through integration projects. However since XML feeds are different in data structure and methods, there's a questionnaire that needs to be filled before evaluating the cost of the project. For more information please contact us.


1. Importing third party data to RPL:
Since the structure for xml can vary from one site to another, a custom code needs to be developed to import xml data in RPL. Please note that this system imports the real data to the RPL database and it is not just a reader. This feature generates SEO Value to RPL websites.

2. Generating XML feed that can be displayed on third party websites:
For this purpose RPL Core includes the RSS Feed so that any RSS feed reader (on third party websites) can read data from RPL. This feature is included in RPL Core and does not have any extra cost.

3. Exporting RPL data to third party websites via XML:

If the real data needs to be exported from RPL to a third party website, a customized generator should be developed because each system has its own database structure. For more information please contact us.

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