Real Estate Turnkey website


QSR-badge 03The business definition of turnkey website is to deliver a fully functional website in a way that it can be maintained independent from the original developer of the website.


Turnkey website for Real Estate


After purchasing RPL and its add-ons a series of steps must be taken for launching a fully functional website, including the steps required for setting up a Joomla website plus those for implementing RPL. If you prefer to focus on your business rather than going to this process, you can hire Realtyna to do the job for you.


Realtyna is an expert in providing all kinds of Real Estate online products and services including:

1- Listing Software & Application

2- Real Estate CRM

3- Template Design

4- Real Estate Web Design

5- Professional projects like XML & MLS integration

And more.


Realtyna can offer these as an independent software/service or as a total solution which results in a Real Estate turnkey website. One of the key benefits of turnkey website contract is that you will not need to get involved with the website project details in all the steps. All you need to do is to send your high level feature/design requirements and get the end result. 


Real Estate Website Design

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