Migration Process from RPL v.6 to RPL v.7

Due to the huge structural changes in RPL7, updating from RPL6 to 7 requires a manual migration.


For those existing clients who have purchased RPL after December 2010 and those who have renewed their update/support package, there are 2 options for migrating from v.6 to v.7:


1- Receiving the new RPL7 and the ‘migration script’ and handling the manual migration process by their own.

2- Requesting Realtyna to perform the migration process for them. This costs $149. 


This option is recommended for those who have done any customization projects by Realtyna on their website.


Those clients who have purchased RPL before December 2010 and have not yet renewed their update/support package, first they have to purchase the update/support package, which is $199, and then they can opt for one of the above options.




Note: Those who have undergone customizations apart from Realtyna are not eligible for the above options. Please contact us for more info.


Note2: You should choose which package you would like to upgrade .

We have 2 packages :the advanced package or Simple package . Please check the licensing terms here :



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