RPL User Management


The RPL User Management System is based on:RPL User Management

1. Joomla standard User Management System
2. RPL User Management System
3. RPL Groups

RPL User Management system builds an additional level of control on top of the Joomla User Management System in relation to RPL functionalities. This means that all RPL users are Joomla users, but first need to be activated in RPL to be able to interact with RPL functionalities.


There is an Automatic Activation plugin that if it is activated, it will automatically activate the new Joomla registered users in the default group of RPL. This plugin will be installed automatically at the time of installing the RPL core component.

There are 2 main types of users in RPL: 

1. Joomla Registered users who only have access to the Joomla and RPL front-end
2. Joomla Super Administrators who are able to manage RPL from both back-end and front-end.
Attract your attention to RPL User Mangement video :


The RPL Group Manager:
In the group manager admin can grant or deny access to certain group(s) to a specific functionality of the RPL. For example, you can grant access to 'Property Wizard' for the group "Agents" and restrict access to this feature for "Advisors."
When the Membership add-on is installed, new set of access controls will be added to the system.





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