Property Management

In RPL for managing properties there is one backend tool named Flex Add-on and two frontend tools namely Property Wizard and Property Manager. 
Different Tools for Managing Properties
Property Manager RealtynaThe architecture of RPL is designed based on the requirements of end-users. Therefore users are able to add/edit and manage properties from the frontend of the website (of course based on the right authentication and access rights). This can guarantee the security and integrity of the whole website because realtors/agents do not need to access the administration section (backend) of the website.

Here’s what a user with correct access rights can perform through the frontend of the website:

1. Adding properties through Property Wizard.

2. Publishing the added properties in the listing. The property should be confirmed from the Property Manager Panel. If the users are given enough access rights, they will be able to confirm the properties themselves. Otherwise the admin should confirm the property.

3. Editing or removing the properties that are added or owned by the same user.

4. Tagging the properties with Hot Offer, Featured, Open House, Price Reduction, and Foreclosure. For adding a level of control over this feature you need the Membership add-on.

Revalidating expired properties

5. A Super Administrator can perform all of the above controls for all property records in the system.

Attract your attention to whatch the RPL Property Mangement video :
Attract your attention to wahtch the RPL Property Wizard video :

In the new version, RPL7, there are some major enhancements in the structure of property records as well as the property management tools.

1. Property Wizard:
This is a tool for adding properties one by one and with full details in the system. This wizard is user-friendly and well-organized allowing users to easily fill out the forms prepared for different sets of data. On the surface, this wizard in RPL6 and RPL7 look similar. However one level deeper, in the new version it is much stronger because it is fully manageable through the Flex Add-on.

2. Property Manager Panel
The property manager panel in RPL7  has been drastically changed with added enhancements:
a.    Searching and filtering properties in this panel is a lot easier now because you can use RPL’s search module itself with all of its refinement capabilities. Previously, using a simple filter, it was a bit difficult to find a specific property between hundreds or thousands of records.
b.   Selecting properties and performing group actions  is now available in the new version. You can select any number of properties ,and for example, change the agent/owner of those properties with one click.
c.    A small and useful statistics report on each property is now available in the same panel. For example there is a counter showing how many times a property is visited or how many times the agent of that property is contacted via users, etc.

For more details watch the video demo prepared for these sections at the top of this page.