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Do and Don’ts of Creating Real Estate Websites


Technology is advancing every day by getting closer to the competencies of end users. 20 years ago, working with computers was the job of geniuses and nerds. Today, thanks to the advancements of the computer technology, even a five-year old child can play with computers.

The same thing has happened in website creation technology. Only five years ago to create websites, you needed to know programming and a bunch of other complicated software programs. Today, creating great-looking and great-functioning websites is like building a prefabricated house. You may need someone to put different blocks together or tweak them the way you want, but knowing a few tips will save you tons of time and money. 


Owning a Real Estate Website; is it a Luxury Commodity or a Necessity?

Realtors ask themselves from time-to-time if owning a property listing website is a necessity.  Some realtors, especially those who are part of a famous brokerage company and use the brokerage website platform for listing properties, may think of it as a luxury commodity. However, the fact is that for each and every realtor, having a personal real estate website is an absolute necessity.


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Organic MLS Integration


organic mls vs non organic

In order to show MLS data on a real estate website, MLS Integration needs to be deployed. There are quite a number of IDX and RETS providers in the market, each with a different technology and pricing. After the integration, the end result may look similar, but the underlying technology plays an important role in the popularity of your website, especially from the search engine point of view.


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