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There are 2 types of websites: Active and Passive.

Passive websites provide a fixed set of information about the products and services of a company and there are no interaction tools between the website visitors and the company. Active websites, not only provide dynamic information to the website visitors, but also they provide effective means of communication between the clients and the company.

In order to have an effective Real Estate website, it should be ‘active’ meaning that it should be capable of updating the ever changing information automatically (through property feeds like MLS or XML). And in addition, it should be capable of interacting with the website users for example by sending email alerts to different groups of users about certain events in the system.


In a Real Estate website, every event in the system is tied closely to the properties and the system users. So the Email Alert system should be well integrated with the Property Listing engine. For responding to this genuine requisite, RPL is equipped with an advanced notification system, including a list of different email alerts that will be sent according to different events in the system. The website administrator is able to configure the notifications, activate/de-activate them and set the recipients of these emails. The recipients can be a group of users or particular users.

Real Estate Email AlertsRPL Email Notification Management

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