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The guide below was submitted to us for inclusion in the website in the hope that it would help de-mystify the process of buying directly from an owner. We think that it does this and we hope that you find it useful.
This is intended as a general guide, not as legal advice.

Answering Your Questions about Buying and Selling Real Estate is a document from the Wisconsin State Bar Association that you might also find useful.

For Sale By Owner Info

It's Easy to Buy from an Owner
by Lucy Harr

Perhaps you're wondering how to work directly with an owner in purchasing a home. Here's how the process works.

  • To make an offer, ask the owner for the "Residential Offer to Purchase" form. This is a legal form you use to offer a purchase price and also describe the contingencies of the sale. Contingencies include such items as obtaining financing, having the home inspected, selling another house and so forth. This is a standard legal form used in almost every home sale, but you need to read it carefully and fill it out completely. You'll also receive a "Real Estate Condition Report" which provides details on various defects. (This report must be provided to you in any real estate transaction.)