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The Ingatlankorzo. com website General terms of service:

The period covered by this policy is not, so the below listed changes to the operating conditions of service, service provider (see below) reserves. The change has taken effect before the time, notify users of the service, it's time to accept the changes or new regulations is not accepted, the termination of their registration.

The site aims to build a base for his real estate, which require the consent of active members registered.

The website to browse all available, however, classified ad, and detailed information about query registration.

The user registers contributes to personal data (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) to the operator to share. The service user's residence address outside of the ad next to the data indicates that the visitors to pick it easier for the connection. For registration to the specified e-mail sent confirmation e-mail to clicks. If you do not activate your registration, do not become a registered member. If by mistake did not receive registration confirmation email, please contact the operator. After registration, the user has the opportunity free classified ad.During registration a user's IP address of record will be provided, but these, data recorded in the log file will be used only for statistical purposes, the operator shall only express provision of law to transmit to third parties. By registering, the user agrees to the news from the web site operator to transmit e-mail to the registered email address. The registration change, or delete all user rights.The cancellation of registration of the operator to contact necessary.