Flex Add-on


This add-on is available free of charge within the Advanced Package. For the Simple Package, please refer to the pricing page for purchasing the Flex Add-on.

The Real Estate business varies from market to market. When you display properties on your website, depending on your specific market, a different set of information should be displayed. For example for properties located in Miami, Florida, “the distance from the beach” is an important factor, which is not the case for a property located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another example is the difference between the features of commercial and residential properties.  

As the result, having a fixed add-property tool built on a fixed database structure may not respond to all markets’ needs. This is something that might not look like an important issue at the time of selecting a property listing software. However the problem starts when the realtors/agents start using the system and would like new information to be displayed for each property.

To respond to this important need, Realtyna has taken a huge step in redesigning and developing the whole software in a flexible and dynamic manner. Now in RPL7 with the help of a new add-on called Flex, you can easily add/edit/delete any field parameters to any property or listing type. These changes will be shown simultaneously and automatically on the Property Wizard, Search Module and Property Show page. This process can be done without a single line of programming!
Flex Addon

 Attract your attention to whatch the Flex add-on video :