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Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is a powerful property listing engine that is suitable for both an out-of-the-box solution and also building a fully customized real estate website that does not look like any other website. Below you can see some screenshots of the custom projects that are done based on RPL.

 quality 03

If you have very specific design or functionality requirement which is not available in the standard version of RPL, you can still achieve them through ordering a customization project from Realtyna such as:

  • A special Search feature
  • A special design that is necessary for your company branding
  • A special feature that is necessary for your local real estate market
  • Integration with another application
  • etc

customization project phases


No matter how simple or complicated your desired feature is, RPL7 core is so solid and powerful that you can easily rely on it to achieve your specific requirements without compromizing the quality. We, the Realtyna Team, are very confident and fast in delivering any project, easy or complicated, with high quality assurance, reasonable cost and shortest possible time. 


A great advantage of the projects handled by Realtyna is that we add the required codes to the core of RPL. This keeps your RPL standard. Standard versions ,unlike custom versions, are able to receive automatic updates and remain under our technical support coverage.



Life-cycle of Real Estate customization projects handled by Realtyna:

customization life cycle 


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All you need to do is to send us a brief description of your requirement and you will be contacted shortly. 





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